5 Quick Strategies To Own Your First Home

Buying a house has always been the dream and dream of everyone, including young people. Make no mistake, you know, many young people are currently thinking about buying a house and even running a property business. The spread of new property brands like mushrooms in the recent rainy season cannot be separated from the passion of young people. The property business is indeed being eyed by young people who have more money lately, especially small-scale properties with a joint venture concept.

Why not, there are many reasons behind the property business opportunity that is increasingly being targeted, in addition to the rapidly rising investment value, the property business is also relatively safe from economic turmoil. Indonesia itself as one of the most populous countries in the world, also creates its own opportunities in the property sector. This is due to the high demand for housing from consumers, which often has an impact on the ever-increasing house prices that cannot be predicted at any time.
However, in reality, most of us still prefer to always delay in owning this one asset. Why do you think so?

Maybe there are many things that you want to realize first, for example on vacation, owning a vehicle, or the latest smartphone. All of this of course requires a large amount of funds, the bad thing is that if this habit continues, it is very likely that you will not own a house for years or even a lifetime. Isn’t this a big loss?

Then when can we formulate a strategy to immediately have a dream home?
On that basis, here we present 5 strategies so that you can immediately realize your dream home.

Make a Monthly Financial Planning

Estimating the costs that must be incurred, is the most important thing when you want to buy your first home. So, it is very important for you to set aside some of your salary and start saving. Because buying a house is not as simple as you think.

Then what steps can we take to immediately plan our finances every month so that our dream house can be realized more quickly? It’s very easy. Here is an example of a standard calculation used by many professional financial planners.

According to them, the percentage of expenditure is divided into the following:

  • 50 percent for lifestyle
  • 10 percent for self-protection
  • 30 percent for credit fees
  • 30 percent for credit fees
  • 10 percent for investment activities

Regarding lifestyle, this includes daily needs, such as eating, shopping, and hanging out. Self-protection includes costs for health and insurance. Then credit is a regular monthly installment, while investment is a protection for your future funds.

Aim for Various Promos

Who is the person who is not happy when they hear the word promo? Usually housing that has just opened or will start a new development often provides various attractive promos,

If you are lucky to get a promo like this, at least you only prepare the cost of the credit agreement and mortgage installments. While the cost benefit from getting a promo, you can use it to add a down payment so that the monthly mortgage installments are smaller.

Take advantage of the Down Payment Installment Facility

If you don’t get a down payment free promo, it turns out that now in most developers the down payment can be paid in installments, you know. This is one of the reliefs that you can take advantage of. So you have the opportunity to pay down the down payment more freely. It’s lighter, isn’t it? When compared to having to pay in full at the beginning.

Make an Investment

Save as diligently as possible to meet the costs you need to buy your dream house right away. If you need to do other things to increase your savings, one way is to invest.