5 Reasons Why Your Home Must Have Ventilation

Not only in terms of lighting, one of the characteristics of a good house in terms of health is to have ventilation that functions for air circulation. No ventilation causes the house to be stuffy, because the outside air cannot replace the air in the room. As a result, the house will be easily damp, and this of course will make you and your family vulnerable to disease.

Then, why should every house have ventilation? Here are some reasons you need to know:

Ventilation will remove air pollution from inside the house

You may not realize that air pollution does not only come from outside air due to being polluted by vehicle fumes. Air pollution can also come from inside the house. For example, cigarette smoke or smoke from cooking in the kitchen. This is why sometimes an exhaust is installed in the kitchen.

Even so, installing these tools in every room in the house will certainly make your expenses big. Therefore, you can make ventilation. That way, pollution or all dirty air from inside the house will be replaced naturally with air from outside.

Ventilation to Warm the Room

The next reason why your home should have ventilation is to make the atmosphere in the room warmer. Why is that? This is because the cavity or gap of the ventilation is a means of entry of sunlight into the room.

Of course, this natural light will repel the humidity of the room. In the end, you will save more on the use of lights and coolers to keep out the dark and stuffiness in the house. Electricity costs can also be reduced.

Ventilation is an important element for homes with pets

Do you have pets in the house? Instead, consider having ventilation in the house. Of course, having pets makes you have to clean the house more regularly. The existence of ventilation will make your home free from unpleasant odors as well as a means of removing animal hair carried by the wind.

Ventilation as a Support for Children’s Health

Poor air quality in the house is one of the reasons why you and your family are vulnerable to lung diseases, such as asthma. Well, if you have children, of course their health is the main thing that you need to pay attention to. Children’s immune system is not as good as adults. This is why children are more susceptible to various diseases.

In order to protect your baby’s health, you should consider having ventilation if your home doesn’t already have one. Not only good for health, good air circulation will make children feel at home to stay in the house longer.

Ventilation for Home Aesthetic Elements

In recent times, home decoration is growing with all its uniqueness. One of them is to take advantage of room ventilation. The house no longer seems monotonous with creative decorations that utilize ventilation. Now, not only serves as a means of air circulation, ventilation will also make your home look unique and attractive.