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Having an experimental or strikingly different design, particularly to check or reveal new features. An example of concept is a common understanding of American history.

Mind mapping is a robust method to visually organize information. In general, thoughts maps begin with a central concept that finally result in the branching out of sub-ideas. The term, Mind maps was popularized by Tony Buzan, who’s sometimes called the Father of mind mapping. The method finds use in brainstorming, visual pondering, determination-making and drawback-fixing by customers throughout the globe. Middle French, from Latin conceptus (“a thought, objective, also a conceiving, etc.”), from concipere, present lively infinitive of concipiō (“to take in, conceive”); see conceive. An understanding retained in the mind, from experience, reasoning and/or imagination; a generalization , or abstraction , of a specific set of situations or occurrences . An instance of concept is a e-book that’s focused on satirical poetry.

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