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The shingles are woven together from either side of the valley. The advantage of a woven valley is that it does not leave an exposed flashing, which results in a cleaner look. The downfall is that leaves and twigs don’t get washed away as simply, which can trigger little water dams. This is very true for roofs with low pitches.

Use a tin snips to cut the drip edge to dimension. Make positive this row has a slight overhang (1/4 to three/8 in.) past the drip edge. The starter course protects the roof by filling in the spaces beneath the cutouts and joints of the next row of shingles.

The adhesive on the starter course seals the tabs of the primary full course. Install the top ridge cap so the prevailing winds blow over the overlaps rather than into them. If wind is not a difficulty, begin at both aspect, or begin at each side and finish in the center. Rip the highest half off the final ridge cap shingle, and nail through the face of it with two nails on the ends of every side. Weave the step flashing and the roof shingles together so that water can’t get underneath the shingles.


If the overhang is greater than a foot, minimize some off and use the rest elsewhere. Another means of dealing with valleys is to make use of the “weave” method, which we don’t cover on this story.

Pay careful consideration to the corner particulars. Install your subsequent … Read More

How To Install Corrugated Roofing


Cover the remainder of the roof with No. 15 asphalt-saturated felt underlayment (some codes may require No. 30). Each layer overlaps the lower one by at least 2 in. Follow this step by nailing drip edge alongside rakes , on prime of the underlayment. As you probably did with the flashing, always lap upper pieces over decrease pieces. The felt keeps the roof deck dry earlier than shingles go on, protects against wind-driven rain as shingles fail and increases fire resistance. To install corrugated roofing, begin by cutting your panels to length with an angle grinder.

Run the underlayment previous the drip edge on the eaves, and trim off the additional with a utility knife. Once it’s easy, nail it down on the skin edges.


Next, pre-drill holes on the end and side ridges of the panels, spacing the holes 6 to 8 inches apart. Beginning on the outside fringe of your roof, place each panel directly onto the purlins which might be hooked up to the roof trusses.

Then fold the flashing over the peak and canopy the minimize ends with self-stick underlayment.Roof valleys channel a lot of water, in order that they need extra protection. Start by putting in self-stick underlayment on the decking. This course of is much simpler with two people. Cut the underlayment to size , and peel off the complete plastic backer. With an individual on each end, fold the underlayment in on itself, sticky side out. Try to push it down into the … Read More

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Install the ridge cap so the prevailing winds blow over the overlap seams, not into them. Once all your shingles are put in, you’ll have to cover the ridge . The high ridge cap shingles will overlap the hip ridge cap, so start with the hips.


Line up the bottom of the primary row of shingles with the underside fringe of the starter row, making sure the seams are staggered. With that row complete, you’ll want to figure out the reveal (the portion of the shingle that isn’t lined by the one above it). Standard reveals differ between 5 and 6-half of in. Whatever the reveal is meant to be, snap a horizontal line that distance from the highest of the primary row of shingles . Cut the flashing back to the peak along each crease.

Invest in a number of massive tarps to protect your plants and landscaping and to catch the thousands of nails that will rain down off the roof. It could be downright inconceivable to remove old self-stick ice-and-water underlayment, nevertheless it’s OK if you need to go away it in place. And if at all attainable, have the rented trash bin parked close to the house so you can toss within the old shingles proper from the roof.

Run the underlayment past the drip edge on the eaves, and trim off the extra with a utility knife. Once it is smooth, nail it down on the skin edges.

Cover the remainder of the roof with … Read More