These are 5 ways to clean indoor air to keep it clean during the Covid-19 pandemic

During the corona virus pandemic, of course, apart from maintaining personal hygiene and health, it is also important to maintain cleanliness in the home environment. One of them is to keep the air clean at home by cleaning the air in the room. Because breathing dirty air continuously can also affect the health conditions of the respiratory tract to the immune system of family members.

Then, how to clean the air in the house?

To clean the air in the house, there are some tips to do the following:

1. Clean Windows and Ventilation

The simplest way to clean the air in the house is to clean windows and ventilation. As a place for air to enter, windows and ventilation in the house must be clean. In addition, make sure there is no dirt or dust that is still attached to the windows and vents so that the air circulation is really clean.

But, if you don’t have time to clean windows and ventilation regularly, you can install wire mesh or a filter to filter dust. Although it cannot dispel dust as much as 100%, but the wire mesh can at least minimize the entry of dust into the house.

2. Opening the Window Every Day

Does your house use air conditioning? If so, even if you use AC at home, you still have to open the windows every day to promote air circulation. When the air conditioner in the house has been turned off, then open the windows wide in the room or in the room so that air exchange occurs from outside to inside the house or vice versa.

It’s a good idea to open the window every morning every day, at 5-7 am. Usually the air at these times is still fresh, so there is no hot weather. It can also be used as a way to clean the air in the room.

3. Cleaning the Furniture in the House

The cause of a dusty room is not always from outside the house, but the cause can come from inside the house. Equipment/furniture that has not been cleaned for a long time will usually be covered in thick dust. Well, the dust in the house is what makes the air polluted.

To clean the house, you can do it by always cleaning the furniture regularly. Do not wait for dusty furniture or home furnishings so that the air in the house is not polluted. We recommend that you clean all the furniture regularly every 1 to 2 weeks. You can also use an indoor air purifier.

4. Removing Pollutants in the House

Pollutants that cause polluted air, actually not only from the outside. There are also some pollutants that come from inside the house so that the air quality in the room becomes bad. Such as smoke from burning garbage, cigarette smoke, to smoke from cooking.

The best way to remove these pollutants is through the help of an exhaust fan. Where the fan can suck air in the house to be removed and then replaced with new air from outside. Therefore, if your house has a lot of pollutants, you can just use an exhaust fan at home.

5. Avoid Using Chemicals

Without realizing it, we may often use items that contain harmful chemicals. Like fragrances or detergents used to wash clothes, it turns out that it contains perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene, if you continue to inhale these chemicals it can actually cause damage to the nervous system and kidney organs.

In addition to following the advice and tips above, after cleaning the air in the house, make sure to apply a hand sanitizer – silver ion so that your hands are protected from germs while preventing the arrival of disease-causing viruses.