Tips for Choosing Chandeliers, Home Interiors Become More Beautiful

There is nothing better than a good arrangement of lights. Don’t worry if you want to choose the best chandeliers for your home. The chandeliers can be charming decoration that beautifies the room. It can be seen that many people have chandeliers at home. The existence of a chandeliers can change the atmosphere of the room. It doesn’t matter if the shape of the chandelier is minimalist, modern, crystal, classic or something else. There are several things that must be considered before choosing a minimalist chandelier. Apply this series of tips so you can get used to the right lamp for each room.

Tips to Choose the Right Chandelier

1. Consider Other Elements in the Room

If a minimalist chandelier looks different from other items in the room, maybe this makes the lamp look extraordinary.

However, it is better to align the chandelier with other elements in the room.

2. Calculate the dimensions of the lamp

Before installing the lights, don’t forget to measure the area of the room. Then also take into account the dimensions of the chandelier.

If you want to install a chandelier above the dining table, make sure that it is 30-40 cm close to the table.

3. Pay attention to the shape of the room

Never underestimate the importance of scale in design. Calculate in advance so that no one in the placement of the lamp.

If the room is in the form of a corridor, hallway, kitchen and bathroom, it is better if the chandelier can be part of the proportions of the room.

4. Calculate the desired direction of the fall of the lamp

Measure and calculate the direction of fall of the desired lamp. The size of the chandelier must be adjusted to the size of the ceiling and also the position of the lights in the room.

When installing it on the table and not definitely different. Take into account the direction of the fall of the lamp so that the head of the home owner does not hit.

5. Don’t Worry to Use 2 Chandeliers

The position and position of the furniture in the room can certainly focus the position of the chandelier. You No need to install a chandelier in the middle of the room. If the room is large and there are 2 seating zones, there’s nothing wrong with installing 2 chandeliers.

6. Consider the Context and Atmosphere of the Room

Often, homeowners install large-dimensional chandeliers. Its size is similar to the chandeliers found in hotels or public spaces.

In fact, this kind of chandelier is not installed in homes because of many factors, such as very large dimensions, not suitable for small spaces, and the ceiling structure is not sure that it is strong enough to withstand loads.

7. Thinking of ordering a unique lamp

Want to have an elegant chandelier, but has the home owner ever thought about having a specially ordered lamp?

If there is a manufacturer that can make custom lamps, of course it is nice to have a lamp that is second to none because it is specially ordered.

8. Chandeliers Can Be Installed Anywhere

In general, service rooms such as laundry rooms, warehouses, and garages do not install chandeliers.

However, the truth is each room is extraordinary. The right chandelier can make the atmosphere of the room more different.

Methods for Ensuring the Right Chandelier

To install a chandelier at home, it’s actually quite easy. You only need to pay attention to the following 3 important things.

1. Know the Chandelier Model

Currently, there are quite a number of chandelier models that you can find. Usually, the chandelier model is divided into 4 types, as follows.

Crystal Chandelier

The crystals in the chandeliers are made of mirrors which contain oxides so as to give a translucent and prismatic appearance. This is what makes a crystal chandelier provide such a dramatic impact

Sputnik Chandelier

The next type of chandelier is the sputnik lamp, which has a circular core and then branches irregularly.

At each end of the sputnik lamp branch there is a light bulb so it can make your room look modern and futuristic. It’s no wonder that this type of sputnik chandelier is more suitable for a contemporary style room.

Drum Chandelier

As the name suggests, the shape of this one chandelier is in the form of a tube without a cover like a drum. In general, this type of pendant lamp is more suitable to be placed in the dining room and kitchen area because it can provide the right light when you are eating.

Geometric Chandelier

The shape of this one chandelier is like a cage and is composed of geometric shapes. This chandelier can give a unique impression to the room, both the living room and family room.

2. Make sure you know the dimensions of the chandelier

After selecting the model, pay attention to the dimensions of the chandelier. Make sure the size is not too big or too small. In fact, the perfect dimensions of a chandelier are generally no larger than a third of the room. However, there is another simple method you can follow to determine the size of the chandelier.

For example, a room has dimensions of 3 × 5 m, so that the diameter of the lamp is about 60 cm. Here is a guide to the dimensions of the chandelier that you can use.

If the room is about 3 × 3 m, then you need to choose a chandelier with a diameter of about 43-50 cm.

If the room has dimensions of about 4 × 4 m, then you can choose a chandelier with a diameter of about 55 cm.

If the room is about 5 × 5 m in size, then you can choose a chandelier with a diameter of about 60 cm.

3. Install the Chandeliers Correctly

Also make sure you measure the distance between the chandelier and the table or floor. If you place the chandelier on the table, make sure the distance of the chandelier is no more than 1 m from the table surface or about 76-91 cm.

These standard requirements assume your home’s ceilings are 8 feet or 243 cm high. However, if you install a chandelier without a table, then make sure the distance from the lamp to the floor is more than 3 m, with the maximum length of the chandelier being around 50 cm.

Those are some of the things you need to pay attention to when buying a chandelier, starting from the model, dimensions, and how to install it.